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When to call your commercial locksmith to rekey your locks

The owners of commercial properties have countless items to manage during the course of their day. One of their concerns is the safety and security of the employees and assets. There are several options available such as hiring a security company, investing in CCTV and keeping valuables locked in safes. An item that is often overlooked is regularly rekeying your locks.

Here are some tips on how to keep your commercial property safe and when to call a commercial locksmith.

When should you call a commercial locksmith?

Disgruntled Employees

If you recently parted company with a disgruntled employee you should seriously consider rekeying the locks to your building even if they did not have a key. Although they are not always a break-in risk, these angry previous employees may feel motivated to cause damage and break into your property.

High Staff Turnover

If you run the sort of business where there is a high turnover of staff, you should periodically change the locks. Even if you parted ways amicably it is good security practice to change the locks every  6-12 months.

Previous Break-ins

If your property has already been broken into it is highly recommended to rekey the locks in order to minimize additional security breaches.

No Security Risks

If you are not aware of any notable security risks to your business, it’s still a good idea to periodically change your locks. Based on the number of people who may have possession of your keys as well as the typical amount of capital left on-site, you want to do your best to protect your assets. Based on these factors, you should rekey your locks every year.

Alternatives to physical keys minimize the cost of frequent rekeying.

smart lock

Automated Key Cards

If your company has a frequent employee turnover, automated key cards are a great solution. These allow you to easily assign and revoke key card access. Using technology in the same way a hotel would, it is a quick and simple re-key process that can prevent future break-ins.

The key cards cannot be replicated so you don’t need to worry about another key being cut without your knowledge.

Key Pads

Consider installing locks with commercial key pads. Each person who needs to access the door will need to remember a code. It’s easy to frequently change the code without having to call a locksmith.

What else should your commercial locksmith take a look at while they’re at your property?

If you’ve already called out a commercial locksmith to rekey your locks, take advantage of them being at your property. Ask them for a security audit so that you can understand where any gaps in security and minimize the risk of any future breaches.

If you are frequently in need of locksmith services, it is worthwhile asking if they will work for you on a retainer. That is often more cost effective and saves time when you need to change a lock, install a safe, or are faced with a lockout.

With a range of security options and price points, there’s an option that is best for you. Should you be interested in calling out a commercial locksmith in the Greater Washington DC or Baltimore area to rekey your locks, Caliber Locksmith LLC are always happy to assist.

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