Kaba Simplex Mechanical Keypad Lock

Commercial Lock Services

Moving to a new business? Need to unlock your warehouse? We supply all kinds of commercial locks from lever handles, mortis locks, push bards and mechanism hardware. Our technicians carry all kinds of commercial locks in their vehicle and are ready to change or rekey your lock in no time. Commercial Lock Repair Having problems

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New push bar alarm installation

The Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Locksmith for Your Business

Introduction As a business owner, ensuring the security and protection of your commercial property and its occupants is extremely important whether you are at home or at your office. One crucial aspect of safeguarding your business is having reliable and robust locks in place. Hiring a professional commercial locksmith can provide you with a range

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Which Should I get? Kaba or Trilogy?

Two popular locks in commercial use are Kaba Simplex or Trilogy locks. Both offer high security and easy of use as well as key option for emergency. This post offers a quick intro to help you make the decision for your business. Kaba Simplex is weatherproof, vandal proof, and fire rated, making it ideal for

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Commercial Locksmith

Being locked out of your business can disrupt your schedule, costing time and money. Getting locked out of your business can also be a major source of stress and disruption unless you have a reliable locksmith that you can count on. A business needs to make sure that locks are working and that broken locks

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