Door lever handle with key entry on a commercial door

Moving to a new business? Need to unlock your warehouse?

We supply all kinds of commercial locks from lever handles, mortis locks, push bards and mechanism hardware.

Our technicians carry all kinds of commercial locks in their vehicle and are ready to change or rekey your lock in no time.

Commercial Lock Repair

Having problems with your Push-Bar, door handle, push handle, lever handle, door knob deadbolt or mortis?

Our professional technicians will repair your door immediately to your satisfaction.


Common issues businesses face typically include losing keys, push bars malfunctions, door closers not working right, alarm system needs a battery change, handle or lock is loose or broken, key is stuck or broken, door latch not adjusted to the frame or broken or stuck, damaged mechanism, stuck door pins, and more.

For any of these emergencies its best to call a locksmith to fix it. Sometimes the fix is easy, and sometimes requires the lock to be changed. We always try to repair it first, especially if the lock is pricey, and only if it cannot, it would need replacement.

We are here to help!

Call Us Now for Scheduling – 301-455-0550!

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