Which Should I get? Kaba or Trilogy?

Two popular locks in commercial use are Kaba Simplex or Trilogy locks. Both offer high security and easy of use as well as key option for emergency.

This post offers a quick intro to help you make the decision for your business.

Kaba Simplex Mechanical Keypad Lock
Kaba Simplex Mechanical Keypad Lock with Lever handle

Kaba Simplex is weatherproof, vandal proof, and fire rated, making it ideal for outdoor use. In addition, many models come with a physical key option in case of emergency. This lock is simple with only a few buttons to remember the code. A big advantage is that it does NOT rely on batteries.

Trilogy digital keypad lock with lever handle and key option
Trilogy keypad lock with lever handle and key option

Trilogy Electronic Keypad also allows key access option and has a digital touch pad that some people prefer. This lock can also be connected to alarms or panic bars making it ideal for high traffic areas such as schools or medical offices where emergencies can occur, with global lockdown or unlocking feature. Some models offer card reader or fob options to avoid remembering codes. 

My recommendation is typically to use Trilogy for indoor use of high traffic areas and Kaba for outdoor use, and especially for high security need such as with electric rooms. 

Depending on your business need, cost effectiveness, technology options required, a decision can be made easier, but either way, both locks offer excellent security solutions.

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