Real Estate Lock box

Real Estate Lock Emergency

Real Estate agents typically use a lockbox to securely hold a key in order to provide easy access to authorized agents who want to show the property. The lockbox is usually shackeled around the front door knob or similar object.

Do you need help in figuring out how to install a lockbox? Check out our video here.

Is your real estate lockbox jammed?

Sometimes a house key jams between the box and the container, or cannot be used for another reason. If you own the lockbox, we can help you to remove it.

Lockbox code not working?

Often a real estate agent will need to unlock a lockbox for which there is no code or find that the code is not working. 

Additional lockbox issues that we have encountered are that the key does not fit or that the lock box is broken.

Other times, an agent may need to install a lockbox while also changing or rekeying locks.

Most other lockbox common issues include a battery change, a need to extract a broken key that is stuck in the lock, or that the agent key card isn’t working. 

Your client has a finite amount of patience and we understand how important it is to fix your lockbox quickly. Caliber Locksmith LLC is available to help you resolve your lockbox issues quickly.

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